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At NYCEndodontics we are commited to making every aspect of your treatment comfortable. The moment you contact us, you can expect our staff to be professional, compassionate and eager to accomodate you. We are proud of the our state of art office. Our 3D imaging unit allows us to evaluate our patients in an unsurpassed way. Dr. Resnick was Chief of Endodontics at Mt. Sinai Hospital for more than 20 years. He practices with Dr Zicarelli, Dr Gallin. Dr Pruss and Dr Linenberg and Dr Castro. We are confident in saying that the treatment we offer is unsurpassed.

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    Dedicated Consultation Room

    Dedicated Consultation Room


    Interest-Free Patient Financing

    Interest-Free Patient Financing


    The Wand Painless Anesthesia

    The Wand Painless Anesthesia


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    Intra-Oral Camera

    Intra-Oral Camera


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    Mt Sinai Hospital, Chief Of Endodontics

    In charge of Endodontic training at the hospital residency program


    3d Imaging

    We offer 3D imaging for our patients as well as supporting other practices diagnostic needs.

    Photos and Videos

    Additional Canals

    Photo Before

    Patients are often told that a tooth might be cracked because of a periodontal pocket next to a tooth. On mandibular teeth that pocket can be associated with untreated anatomy or even a missed canal
    Photo After

    This radiograph illustrates some of the additional canals we find utilizing microscopes and other modern technology
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    Smiling Patient likes Dr. Scott Resnick on Feb. 10, 2017, 3:26 p.m.
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    Review 1 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
    I needed root canal therapy, my dentist highly recommended Dr. Resnick. As soon as I walked in the office I was greeted by his friendly staff, and almost immediately taken into the operatory, and made comfortable. Dr. Resnick introduced himself, explained and the procedure. He has a very disarming personality that relaxed, me immediately, he answered my questions, and we began. The procedure was COMPLETELY painless! Dr. Resnick himself is an intelligent, kind person who was very concerned about my comfort. The office is state of the art. Dr Resnick is professional, and highly skilled. The visit was an entirely pleasant one from start to end. I am feel so lucky to have been referred to him. I would not go anywhere else. I cannot thank him enough.

    About Front Desk: Office staff was nothing less than wonderful, warm and professional. I was made very comfortable, Thank you guys!

    Front desk:

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    Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
    From the moment I sat in Dr. Resnick’s chair, he was incredibly warm, gentle, professional and thorough. He ensured that I was pain-free and comfortable during the entire procedure. He explained every step of the root canal procedure as he was conducting it. He had wonderful rapport with his assistant and constantly communicated with her during the procedure so I felt that I was fully cared for and supported while I was in his chair. Dr. Resnick did not have me leave his chair until he was confident that every aspect of the root canal was completed perfectly and that I was without pain. Despite the unbearable pain that I was experiencing when I walked into his waiting room, I was completely pain free from the moment he administered the Novocain. I left the office feeling comfortable, pain free and confident that I was treated by the most competent, professional and caring dentist. That same night, I received a call from Dr. Resnick who wanted to check in to ensure I was feeling okay. The entire experience, from start to finish, was unparalleled and unlike anything I have experienced at any other doctor’s office. While I would not wish a root canal on anyone, but if needed I would insist that a family member/friend see Dr. Resnick
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    Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
    Each of my visits to Dr Scott Resnick at New York City Endodotics for a root canal were the very best they could be. Even though my first visit was at the urgent request of my dentist I was treated like a client whose appointment had long been on the books. I was escorted to Dr Resnick's office and met the doctor, which was really a pleasure. As his assistant took x-rays he read over the notes I had brought with me and consulted with the dentist who sent me. He then examined my tooth and agreed a root canal was required. Even though I, fortunately, was not in pain I was still asked if I would mind that my root canal was not scheduled for the next day as a big blizzard was expected and the day after seemed a safer bet. My root canal itself was completely without pain during and after the procedure. I don't have the technical expertise to write about all the equipment used for my root canal but I can say that it was awesome. Dr Resnick is truly a wonderful person, the way he speaks to his staff, his sense of humor and of course, his great talent. And a word about the offices -- they are simple and tasteful with a lovely view of Central Park and the gentle accompaniment of classical music.

    About Front Desk: The very personable office staff expected me and knew my name and had prepared a Tablet for me to complete with my personal information (and they didn't blink when I messed up and needed assistance inputting it).

    Front desk:

    I know this doctor: 1 Root Canal Treatment

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    Smiling Patient likes Dr. Scott Resnick
    Great! on Feb. 10, 2014, 8:34 a.m. Link
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    Review 4 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
    Best dentist in New York City. A total expert, so kind, caring, the best of the best! I love Scott!!! I've known him for years and he's done all my root canals. He has the most patience and the ability to make you relax no matter what. I wish he was my doctor as well as my endodontist! I would recommend him to everyone.

    About Front Desk: Lovely.

    Front desk:

    I know this doctor: TEN

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    Review 5 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
    I had Dr. Pruss. Very good experience, I would come back anytime. Very quick and she was able to get rid of my pain in less than an hour. Well worth the price!

    About Front Desk: Front Desk was great! they got in me and out quickly.

    I know this doctor: 1 month

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    Review 6 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
    I had Dr.Pruss and she is amazing. I can't believe how fast and efficient the procedure was! She and the dental assistant were awesome.

    About Front Desk: Very nice and professional. Friendly and easy going.

    Front desk:

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    Review 7 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
    I went into Dr. Resnicks office being scared out of my mind. I couldnt believe that i actually had to get a root canal. Dr. Resnick was extremely gentle and kind and made the overall experience amazing. I didnt feel a thing while he was doing the procedure and afterwards i was a little sore but there was no swelling of any kind or severe pain. I know if i ever need to get another root canal (which i hope i wont) i will be going back to him.

    I know this doctor: 1 day

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    Review 8 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
    Dr. Scott Resnick performs root canal surgery like an adept in the midst of a deep meditation. Completely focused, Dr. Scott Resnick does not appear to be "working" on your teeth as he conducts the surgery but rather to becoming one with his art. As he is so obviously in control of the operatory, I knew from the moment I sat in his chair in October 2008 that my healthcare was in the hands of a consummate professional. I have since had two additional root canal surgeries performed on another molar and a bicuspid. As he is gifted, Dr. Scott Resnick is equally as kind with a gentle humor making the root canal experience a completely pleasant one even for those who are dental phobic.
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