Cosmetic Dentist Chicago IL Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Joseph Silberman DMD,FAGD - Dentist

184 reviews Rating

Evanston, IL 847-864-2243 Call

"The best dentist in the north shore and Chicago with the best staff!"

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Dr. Benjamin Fiss DDS - Dentist

106 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL 312-951-5230 Call

"Dr. Fiss and the entire staff was supportive and provided excellent care to me. I mostly appreciated his patience and efforts to make my teeth a prime example of quality workmanship. Thank you for giving me back my SMILE. I will be forever grateful!"

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Dr. Kathryn Delfs DDS - Dentist

11 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL

"Dr. Kathryn Delfs is fabulous. She knows what she's doing. I researched over 50 dentists for invisaligns before choosing her. She had the most competitive price, not to mention she's a "premier" provider. Which means that she has the most ..."

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Dr. Jack Manikowski DDS - Dentist

12 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL

"Multiple cleanings, veneers, and the tooth part of a dental implant. In terms of quality, easily the best dentist I've ever been to. It wouldn't surprise me if he's the best dentist I'll ever go to in future either. In ..."

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Dr. Roshan Parikh DDS - Dentist

9 reviews Rating

Olympia Fields, IL

"The work Dr. Parikh did ended up costing me extra money and in the end I had to pull a tooth. Agatha made me very uncomfortable about payment and options. She was pushy and overbearing. I will never return to ..."

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Dr. David Simone DDS - Dentist

14 reviews Rating

Northbrook, IL

"I visited Dr. Simone because I had pain in a molar. He showed me old photos of that tooth taken in 2009 that revealed a crack in the root. He had filled that tooth back then, and it had held ..."

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Dr. James Toraason DDS - Dentist

8 reviews Rating

Glenview, IL

"dentures. He is Awesome!!!!!! Highly recommend!! A real human being who cares about people!"

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Dr. Michael Krepps DDS - Dentist

6 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL

"Dr Krepps is responsible for greatly extending the life of my natural teeth. His care and the expertise of his team has made the difference for me. I've sent my parents to him because he is the best dentist we ..."

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Dr. Asle Klemma DDS - Dentist

12 reviews Rating

Schaumburg, IL

"My question is about who is qualified to do some of the procedures, such as put in crowns. Shouldn't the dentist be the one doing it, not staff that are barely out of high school ?"

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Dr. Alan Prochot DDS - Dentist

4 reviews Rating

Monee, IL

"I used to work for Alan Prochot and he is one of the best dentists in his field. He treats his employee's and his patients great. His fees are average on the dental fee schedule....not to expensive ....not really cheap. ..."

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