Dental Implant Rochester MI Rankings and Reviews

Dr. James Thomas DDS - Dentist

1 reviews Rating

Rochester Hills, MI

"After a baseball accident that injured my front teeth Dr. Thomas helped me through the proper sequence to restore my beautiful smile. One tooth was completely fractured and required an implant and the others were repaired with lamintates.The final outcome ..."

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Dr. Albert Wesley DDS - Dentist

4 reviews Rating

Rochester Hls, MI

"Dr Welsey and his office are nothing short of the best. Genuine care and attention to each and every patient."

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Dr. Frank Holecek DDS - Dentist

3 reviews Rating

Rochester Hills, MI

"I have had extensive dental work in my 82 years, and Dr. Holecek is clearly the best dentist I have ever used. I would and have strongly recommended him to others."

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Dr. Donald Solverson DDS - Dentist

2 reviews Rating

Rochester, MI

"Dr Solverson only cares about making money, everytime my family would visit his office, he would tell us we need 1000's of dollars of work! If it was up to him we would have crowned every tooth in mine, my ..."

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