Dental Implant Chicago IL Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Dorothy Anasinski DDS - Periodontist

113 reviews Rating

Niles, IL (847) 685-6686 Call

"Dr Anasinski and her staff are always super welcoming and knowledgable. They help you get the best care as well as work with you financially so that you always leave satisfied. Everyone is taking care of Covid precautions and making it a safe and healthy environment."

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Dr. Benjamin Fiss DDS - Dentist

106 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL 312-951-5230 Call

"Dr. Fiss and the entire staff was supportive and provided excellent care to me. I mostly appreciated his patience and efforts to make my teeth a prime example of quality workmanship. Thank you for giving me back my SMILE. I will be forever grateful!"

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Dr. Vladmir Reznikov DDS - Periodontist

24 reviews Rating

Glenview, IL

"Dr. Reznikov did a fantastic job on my dental implant. He was very professional, efficient and painless. I have had two procedures with Dr. R, gum graph and implant and both were exceptional and pain free. Jack Lambert"

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Dr. Joseph Silberman DMD,FAGD - Dentist

184 reviews Rating

Evanston, IL 847-864-2243 Call

"The best dentist in the north shore and Chicago with the best staff!"

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Dr. Gary Hosters DDS - Periodontist

9 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL

"The staff was very professional and caring. They take care of you from start to finish. I had a crown lengthening and it was done precisely as needed. I love the warm lavender towels. It was a great experience. I ..."

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Dr. Mark Steinberg DR. - Oral Surgeon

3 reviews Rating

Northbrook, IL

"Dr. Steinberg seems very competent and knowledgeable, has a very nice manner. He did an excellent job and was attentive to small details regarding my implant. Desk staff seemed a little confused at times. Be sure to press for details ..."

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Dr. Mark Landau DDS - Dentist

8 reviews Rating

Skokie, IL

"Dr. Landau always takes his time and described the procedure. Puts me at ease knowing all the time he takes to make my implant perfect."

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Dr. Basim Shakir DDS - Dentist

7 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL

"Great dentist. I had implants and I am extremely satisfied with the results. I was very happy. He is wonderful one of the best dentist I have ever met."

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Dr. James Fondriest DDS, FICD, - Dentist

5 reviews Rating

Lake Forest, IL 847-234-0517 Call

"Dr. Fondriest is the best. He has done a few crowns for me and they are the most comfortable and best looking teeth in my mouth. I never experienced any discomfort throughout the whole experience. He takes the time and effort to go the extra mile and it shows in the final results. I have been a Dental Hygienist for ..."

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Dr. Joseph Arnold DDS - Dentist

5 reviews Rating

Streamwood, IL

"Kind, gently, and professional. Dr. A is only the 2nd dentist I ever visited, so not a lot I can compare him with."

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