Dentist Chicago IL Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Joseph Silberman DMD,FAGD - Dentist

184 reviews Rating

Evanston, IL 847-864-2243 Call

"The best dentist in the north shore and Chicago with the best staff!"

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Dr. Benjamin Fiss DDS - Dentist

106 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL 312-951-5230 Call

"Dr. Fiss and the entire staff was supportive and provided excellent care to me. I mostly appreciated his patience and efforts to make my teeth a prime example of quality workmanship. Thank you for giving me back my SMILE. I will be forever grateful!"

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Dr. Farideh Daftary DDS - Dentist

84 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL 773-935-3600 Call

"The whitening treatment was surprisingly comfortable. I would go here again."

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Dr. James Furmanek DDS - Dentist

10 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL (312) 631-3910 Call

"I've been going to Furmanek for nearly 25 years. Everyone there is wonderful, starting with Andrea the receptionist and all the assistants and hygienists. It's like going to see family. I had a "mistake" made once and they jumped on it right away and covered the cost of their time in the repair. Honest, old-school dentist that does everything right."

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Dr. James Fondriest DDS, FICD, - Dentist

5 reviews Rating

Lake Forest, IL 847-234-0517 Call

"Dr. Fondriest is the best. He has done a few crowns for me and they are the most comfortable and best looking teeth in my mouth. I never experienced any discomfort throughout the whole experience. He takes the time and effort to go the extra mile and it shows in the final results. I have been a Dental Hygienist for ..."

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Dr. Louis Rutland DDS - Dentist

21 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL

"I never go any place else. Took family and friends, we are very happy with his work."

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Dr. David Simone DDS - Dentist

14 reviews Rating

Northbrook, IL

"I visited Dr. Simone because I had pain in a molar. He showed me old photos of that tooth taken in 2009 that revealed a crack in the root. He had filled that tooth back then, and it had held ..."

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Dr. Jeffrey Eaton DDS - Dentist

13 reviews Rating

Schaumburg, IL

"I love Dr. Eaton and his staff they are all very impressive. Diana keeps my laughing all the way home. They make visiting the dentist a fun adventure. I highly recommend them."

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Dr. Coleman Spector DDS - Oral Surgeon

13 reviews Rating

Chicago, IL

"Dr. Spector is extremely professional and treated me with upmost respect. He is a very knowledgeable man excellent at what he does. I will recommend my friends and family. His staff is friendly and welcoming. Dr. Spector pulled all four ..."

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Dr. David Duda DDS - Dentist

13 reviews Rating

Kenilworth, IL

"Excellent dentist. Many procedures over the years. He is at the top of his field."

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