Oral Surgeon CA Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Azeem Lakha DMD - Oral Surgeon

46 reviews Rating

Palo Alto, CA (650) 328-6622 Call

"Excellent Dr., and more importantly a very cool human being. My implant surgery went beautifully and I couldn't be happier! Many thanks!"

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Dr. Peter Lyu DDS, MD - Oral Surgeon

24 reviews Rating

San Francisco, CA (415) 391-9230 Call

"Best dentist experience I've ever had. I went in for an extraction last week and received very welcoming reception by DR. Lyu and his staff. I was a bit nervous about the procedure but he made me feel at ease and best of all I didn't feel any pain at all afterwards with very little bleeding and no swelling. He ..."

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Dr. Timothy Smith DDS - Oral Surgeon

9 reviews Rating

San Diego, CA 619-298-2202 Call

"An extremely positive experience. I had a large upper right tooth extracted and I was dreading it. What an unexpected surprise I had because of the very caring and professional approach by Dr. Smith and his staff. I especially appreciated the clear communication that I had with Dr. Smith as well as his pleasant and knowledgeable manner. He deserves an ..."

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Dr. James Jensvold DDS - Oral Surgeon

13 reviews Rating

Woodland Hills, CA

"My husband has been putting off dental implants procedure for years. He finally started the process and had the 1st step last week. There has been literally no pain, bleeding or any adverse side effects. Dr. Jensvold is professional, understanding, ..."

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Dr. David Milder DDS - Oral Surgeon

12 reviews Rating

San Diego, CA

"I was seen in his office for a dental implant. I walked in super nervous for the surgery. This was the first time I have had oral surgery so wasn't 100% sure on what to expect. The assistant assured me ..."

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Dr. Richard Mandel DDS - Oral Surgeon

11 reviews Rating

Santa Ana, CA

"Dr Mandel and his office staff made the process of extracting an infected molar virtually painless all things considered. He was extremely patient and expalined the process to me in a very calm way."

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Dr. Mark Bennett DDS - Oral Surgeon

10 reviews Rating

Greenbrae, CA

"He is the nicest! The whole office is wonderful. There was very little pain or swelling when my daughter had her wisdom teeth removed."

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Dr. Arsalan Ahani DDS, MD - Oral Surgeon

8 reviews Rating

San Mateo, CA

"My tooth broke and had to be extracted. I went to Dr. Ahani because our dental office refers our patients there. I had only heard the other patients rave about him. Now, I was in the same situation as they ..."

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Dr. Lawrence Neimark DDS - Oral Surgeon

10 reviews Rating

San Francisco, CA

"I wish all health care providers and their office staff were like Dr. Neimark, Grace (his office manager) and his dental assistant. I did a lot of research before deciding on an oral surgeon for my daughter. She just had ..."

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Dr. Howard Park DDS - Oral Surgeon

8 reviews Rating

Santa Monica, CA

"Dr. Park's staff are courteous, professional and gentle. Dr Park himself came off like a supreme surgical technician, removing an impacted, still half un-erupted wisdom tooth with delicate care and ease, providing gentle precise work for a very tricky problem. ..."

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