Dr. Gholam Zakhireh DMD - Oral Surgeon

297 reviews Rating

Webster, TX (281) 338-7700 Call

"Had examination, taken to the office to discuss fees before surgery since I had no insurance. Fees were very reasonable, forthcoming and I had the chance to leave if I did not think the fees were acceptable. There was no pressure to do anything. I had surgery that was successful. I had no pain, no swelling and a little bleeding ..."

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Dr. James Widner DDS - Oral Surgeon

22 reviews Rating

Austin, TX 512-452-3223 Call

"AVOID. Dr. Widner is a good doc and very professional but his staff is so painfully inept that you'll find yourself spending time and money because of their mistakes. I tried to get a surgery done there and in 3 separate instances they completely botched my treatment schedule. 1) My first appoint there was in October. I needed a predetermination ..."

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Dr. Steve Koo DDS - Oral Surgeon

16 reviews Rating

Houston, TX 7137835560 Call

"My wisdom teeth extraction has been extremely successful! Not only the procedure was done in a very short amount of time, but the recovery has been super easy! I haven't swollen much in my face and things has gone smoothly. Friendly staff and extremely knowledgeable doctors has helped big time. Couldn't ask for anything more!"

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Dr. Howard Cooke DMD, MS - Oral Surgeon

15 reviews Rating

Dallas, TX (972) 296-1992 Call

"Dr. Cooke completed all four thrid molar extractions for me. The procedure was thouroughly explained in advance and Dr. Cooke spent time with me to make sure that I had a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend him to others!"

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Dr. Jeff Alford DDS - Oral Surgeon

1 reviews Rating

Lakeway, TX 512-261-6900 Call

"Earlier this year, I decided to get dental implants where I was missing teeth since I was a teenager. I needed to have two abutments implanted in my jaw in order for my dentist to insert the crowns. Since this requires a surgeon, my dentist recommended Dr. Alford at Lake Travis Oral Surgery. I met Dr. Alford for my consultation ..."

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Dr. Michael Eklund DDS - Oral Surgeon

12 reviews Rating

Houston, TX

"I came to see Dr. Eklund about 2-3 weeks ago and was very satisfied with my treatment. Quick wisdom tooth extraction and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. Front office staff is awesome. Dr. Eklund followed up ..."

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Dr. Arthur Hernandez DDS - Oral Surgeon

10 reviews Rating

San Antonio, TX

"Friendly, considerate staff. Dr. Hernandez is a wonderful doctor. Considerate, very professional, always on time. He is trustworthy. He made me feel calm, secure, and did great job. I had oral surgery eith the removal of a tooth with a ..."

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Dr. Pedro Franco DDS - Oral Surgeon

10 reviews Rating

Dallas, TX

"I had double jaw surgery and deviated nasal septum surgery August 9, 2011 at Baylor Hospital. Dr. Franco was the best and did an incredible job!! I am very pleased with my surgery results and would strongly recommend this great ..."

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Dr. Mark Karakourtis DDS - Oral Surgeon

11 reviews Rating

Austin, TX

"I had to get my wisdom tooth removed and this is the first extraction for me. Obviously I was very nervous until I met the doctor...As soon as we met Dr. Karakourtis I felt totally comfortable. He kept cracking jokes ..."

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