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Dr. Tammy Chen DDS - Prosthodontist

57 reviews Rating

New York, NY 9178314344 Call

"I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Chen! She has spent more time with me- listening to my concerns, explaining procedures, & ensuring i'm happy- than any other provider that I've been to. She is meticulous and does everything in her power to ensure that her cosmetic work turns out beautiful. Her results far exceeded my hopes & I ..."

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Dr. Zev Kaufman DDS - Prosthodontist

55 reviews Rating

New York, NY (212) 758-2758 Call

"Dr. Kaufman is by far THE best prosthodontist I've ever seen, the guy works magic and does it efficiently! I am in my early 20's and had my front tooth knocked out which was devastating, especially at this age. With that being said for me to be writing this review I needed to be over the top impressed and that ..."

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Dr. Nargiz Schmidt DDS - Prosthodontist

44 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212-203-0875 Call

"My teeth were stained and ugly. I used to always cover my mouth with my hand when I laughed. Dr. Schmidt gave me a brand new smile and my teeth like they did when I was 21! So natural and lovely. I’m so happy with my results. I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

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Dr. Norman (Ned) Boyd, 3rd DDS - Prosthodontist

16 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212-755-9055 Call

"After visiting his office, being treated and completing my root canal/tooth crown by Dr. Ned III I have to say… You get what you pay for, you do get your money’s worth. Not only he is very knowledgeable and assertive with his diagnosis and/or procedures but he uses cutting edge technology ALL around… I mean the guy is like the ..."

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Dr. Dean Vafiadis DDS - Prosthodontist

12 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212 319 6363 Call

"It was a terrible experience. I'm left with spaces between my new veneers. They look like old man teeth and will also, as I've been told, lead to tooth decay. I paid an exhorbitant amount of money for a long and tormenting experience and am left with a terrible smile I am ashamed of. Every time i look at my ..."

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Dr. Igor Gerzon DDS - Prosthodontist

4 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212-339-8800 Call

"Great doctor!!! Wonderful staff! They were very kind when I waited for the doctor. I didn't get bored waiting and they were really kind and all."

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Dr. Burney Croll DDS - Prosthodontist

26 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"Needed upper and lower dentures. Staff is nice but Dr needs to practice impulse control like calling people names (i.e. mental illness). He also acts defensively when patient tells him of pain and discomfort."

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Dr. Carlos Santos DDS - Prosthodontist

10 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! He is great - pain free and very professional. I'm scared of dentist but visit with Doc. Santos changed my view. He is the only one dentist i trust and i'm happy to see."

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Dr. Charles Silk DDS - Prosthodontist

9 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"Dr. Charles Silk is an artist. He recently replaced one of my front teeth and it is impossible to tell which is fake and which is real. Dr. Silk spent a great deal of time creating the tooth. While being ..."

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Dr. Douglas Magner DDS - Prosthodontist

8 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"One couldn't treat themselves and their dentistry needs any better than to become a patient of this practice. Doctors Douglas Magner and his wife and partner in the practice, Ann Magner, represent the very best in their profession. Both of ..."

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