Cincinnati TMJ Dentists

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Dr. Christopher Martinez DDS - Dentist

1 reviews Rating

Fairfield, OH

"Dr. Martinez and his wife, Dr. Kristine Martinez, were the first dentists that I visitied in 15 years. After explaining my ridiculous fear of dentists, they were very careful to ensure my comfort and reduce my pain and anxiety. My ..."

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Dr. Chalk Fry DDS - Orthodontist

4 reviews Rating

Cincinnati, OH

"I went to Dr. Fry for 5 years, and 10 years later I am suffering from severe TMJ because my jaw was never aligned properly. I will now have to undergo a second round of braces to correct my bite. ..."

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Dr. Thomas Bosma DDS - Dentist

5 reviews Rating

Cincinnati, OH

"He hurt my jaw. He was the worst dentist I ever had. I would never return. I only later found out he had been had his dental license suspended for one year in the 1990's. At that point I stopped ..."

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