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Benefits of Implants for Denture Wearers July 7, 2010, 5:38 a.m.

Living with missing teeth and detachable dentures is not easy.  There are common recorded problems associated with wearing dentures such as poor fit and reduced ability to chew.  These problems can drastically change a denture wearer’s quality of life.  Diet is limited to soft chew foods and social life is diminished due to fear of embarrassing denture flop out episodes.


Today, a denture wearer has the option of replacing dentures with dental implants which can generally improve the overall quality of life of the patient.  Dental implants can provide the following benefits.


Benefit#1 - Permanent and Stable Dentures


Usually, there are two minimum dental implants needed to support the denture or bridge.  These implants are made of sturdy material such as titanium that bond with the patient’s bones.  This would mean that there will be no possibility of the denture or bridge from flopping out while you speak, laugh or eat.


Benefit#2 - Improved Capability to Chew and Taste


Since dental implants gives the denture or bridge more stability, this means that a patient can now include firm or more solid foods into the diet.  It is a common problem for denture wearers to experience a reduced chewing efficiency leaving them with soft chew diet options only.


Full upper dentures also affect taste since it is structured in a way that it covers the mouth’s palate.  This palate-covering structure can be removed in dental implants giving the patient the capability to taste food better once again.


Benefit#3 - Improved Speech


A loose or ill fitting denture can greatly affect a patient’s speech or ability to speak clearly as facial and mouth muscles work to keep dentures in place.  While this may not create significant communication issues, it can diminish a denture wearer’s desire to socialize.  With stable dental implants on the other hand, this problem is eliminated along with muscle strain.


Benefit#4 - Avoid Constant Denture Adjustment


A receding jawbone is one of the after effects when one looses a tooth or set of teeth.  As jawbones start to recede, it gives the patient a new facial shape.  Often, this results in an unattractive shrunken facial look.


This scenario is what also leads to loose fitting dentures resulting to reduced chewing ability, and constant denture adjustment.  All these however, can be avoided in dental implants as they keep the jawbones from receding.


Benefit#5 - Increased Self-Confidence


Dental implants provide a more permanent aesthetic value to a denture wearer’s facial appearance.  Well-modeled dentures attached to implants can give a patient a better smile and eliminate that insecurity related to missing teeth.  More stability will also mean no more embarrassing denture flop out episodes and an increased self-confidence to socialize.


Dental implant procedures are performed by specialists such as prosthodontists.  If you are convinced or are ready for dental implants, simply make an appointment with our dental office today and learn more about your options.  You can also get helpful information such as proper denture care and oral hygiene by browsing through the directories on this site.