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Whitening July 6, 2006, 9:20 a.m.

A beautiful smile can brighten your life everyday. Did you know most celebrities whiten their teeth? They do it to feel good, look amazing, and make great first impressions. You can do it too. Don’t hide behind less than perfect teeth. Here at New York Center for Esthetic & Laser Dentistry we offer three options to fit your lifestyle:

  • Zoom !  (in office, just over an hour) 
  • Opalescence 10%(During your sleep) 
  • Opalescence 20%(several hours a day) 

All three options offer equal results.

Tooth whitening provided by a dental professional is the safest and fastest way to a whiter brighter smile. Whitening should start with a prophylactic cleaning to see how much staining can be easily removed. Then the dentist measures the base color of the teeth as a reference point. Almost anyone can benefit from the whitening procedure. However, treatment may not be as effective for some as the others (depending on present base color, existing stains, and discolorations). 

The secret of successful bleaching is the concentration of bleach and the length of contact with the teeth.

In-office bleaching offers the maximum strength concentrations of carbamide peroxide (hydrogen peroxide in combination with gel thickeners) available applied to the teeth during one or more one hour sessions. There is no faster way to brighten your teeth!

For people who prefer supervised home bleaching we offer easy-to use custom fitted trays with the supply of bleach (10 to 20 percent carbamide peroxide) that are worn for one to several hours a day or night, typically over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. The  bleach is applied from the easy-to-use syringes. Refills are available, and your set of trays are usable for touch ups.