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My experience at Dr. Davis’s office is worth taking the time to write about. When I first starting going to him in 2000 (and still do) the first thing I noticed was the friendly office. After a thorough review, it was determined I would need 2 crown’s put on. We went ahead with the work and usually I need 2-3 shots of Novocain to deaden the area, which I know will leave my mouth area feeling numb and drooping for a couple of hours, but oh well, that’s the way it is. And it seemed as if he was performing the work on me without Novocain, and yet I felt no pain. I thought I had gotten pain intolerant or something and sort of bragged to him that I had done that without any numbing medication, and he said “Oh no, I gave you a shot.” I didn’t believe him – he AND the Assistant had to convince me that he had given me a shot to numb the area. Oh My Gosh! I have never had dental work done that had been so smooth and painless and without disruption to my functioning when it was done. Dr. Davis has a special style to numb the area to work on without numbing your face! Fantastic!

About Hygienist: Julie, the hygenist, is amazing. When I go in for my semi-annual cleaning … the hygienist is so gentle that I can almost ‘take a nap’ while in the chair, all the while knowing professiona work is being done.

I know this doctor: 11 years

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