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The moment I met Dr. Rizkallah, I knew I was in great hands! He seemed so knowledgeable and confident that he had my trust right then, on that first visit. I thought my case was hopeless because I got different opinions from other orthodontists and they all claimed that they could straighten my teeth putting braces on but for my underbite I would definitely need jaw surgery! I felt defeated and hopeless but still decided to have this last consult with Dr. Riz. I didn't expect any good news, but he turned to me and confidently said he would make my teeth and my jaw the way it's supposed to be within 12-14 months! I cried hearing that because nobody till then had given me any chance . Dr. Riz is a true master when it comes to orthodontics, he is so knowledgeable and he definitely gets results!!!! He got me out of braces in 11 months!!! the outcome is amazing and I can't stop smiling!! I would recommend Dr. Riz to anybody who needs braces as he is a true genius, funny, personable and what's most important- trustworthy... you have to just trust him and do what he asks of you and you get results and you get them fast. I'm forever grateful to him, he made my dream about beautiful teeth and straight jaw come true:)

About Front Desk: the front desk staff was so friendly and after almost a year they all felt like family.

I know this doctor: A year

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