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I am a practicing dentist in the Elmhurst for 6 years. We have a high volume of patients in our clinic (Happy Tooth), and as such, many of them are in need of Root Canals. If it is something that we cannot handle in our office, we refer alomost exclusively (insurance based) to Cameo Endodontics. All of the patents that we send there come back with glowing reports! The go thinking that since they are ging to be getting a root canal done, it will be a tough painful appointment. Much to their pleasure they find that it isn't bad at all. To the contrary, getting a root canal done, at Cameo, is a breeze! As hesitant as I am to admit this, I recently had to have a root canal performed. I of course chose Cameo to go to. I had Dr. Rick Munaretto perform mine. I too am now a fan! He did an amazing job! I never felt pain, from start to finish! Never felt the shot, or anything after that. Furthermore, after my anesthesia wore off, I still didn't feel anything, like nothing was ever done. As I am a dentist, Dr. Munaretto showed me the X-ray after the procedure, and it looked perfect. The office, staff, and accomodations were all supurb. I wouldn't hesitate reccomending Cameo, referring my patients, or even going myself!

I know this doctor: 6 years

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