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Dr. Daniel Marinic DDS - Dentist

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I began seeing Dr. Marinic when I first moved to Chicago in 1999. Although my first visits were for necessary repairs to broken front teeth, we developed a plan for a full functional and cosmetic restoration to replace my older crowns. I am continually approached by total strangers while shopping or traveling who query me on my dental work. And, amazingly, many of them have turned out to be dentists themselves! During emergency heart surgery in 2003, 3 of my crowns were accidentally broken off at the gum line. I was skeptical of implants because of my diabetes. Dr. Marinic took time to convince me of the latest techniques and advances made in implant surgery over the last decade and I agreed to the plan of therapy. I was amazed that I actually had temporaries installed the day of surgery and didn't have to wear a partial or 'flipper'. There was no pain in the process and cosmetically, no one I came in contact with could tell the difference. Neither could I. We have since installed the permanent implant crowns and they look great! I highly recommend Dr. Marinic!
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