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Dr. Michael Deporre DDS - Dentist

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Rochester Hls, MI

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Dr. DePorre is like no dentist or doctor I've ever met. He and his staff know and care about their patients. Dr. DePorre is very practical about mouth care. If there is a less expensive way to care for a problem, Dr. DePorre will explain what it is along with the care he would normally do. Also, his staff is very discreet regarding financing. This is a doctor who still believes in giving patients honor and dignity regarding care, payments, and decisions. He was my dentist during High School and college, then I moved out of state for about 5 years. When I came back, he asked me how I was doing. I said I was fine and that it was nice of him to pretend he remembered me. He then proceeded to tell me all the things about my life he remembered from my being his patient and the things he knew from seeing my parents. Wow! He just did it again when I brought my son in for a toothache. We had just moved back into the area again after another 8 years out of the area and he remembered me and knew the names and ages of my kids! Dr. DePorre is a thoroughly exceptionally practitioner. I recommend him to everyone I know.

I know this doctor: 25 years

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