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Dr. Michael Deporre DDS - Dentist

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Rochester Hls, MI

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I would not recommend this Dentist to anyone..Him and his one Dental asst that I am not sure is his wife or girlfriend are very distasteful.As they lean over you working they consitintly talk about other patients and about his front desk employee. I knew everytime that I had to continue to go back I would say I wonder who it is about today. . Being from Rochester Hills I recognized a few names and find it shameful. I had paid for work that was suppose to be done correctly but let unmatching bonding and crown that fell out 3 times. I am sure he paid no attention to what they were saying because it seems so comforting to him to gossip and I am sure he assumed that I knew noone because I am younger.I know well enough that it should not be happening. and what would they think if I would have been a relative? I no longer need his services or need to listen to his stories. I would not recommend him to anyone unless you want to hear some gossip!!!!

About Hygienist: I felt the hygentist wasnt happy with her place of employment. she was very nice but you could feel the tension when he approached the room. teeth felt nice an dclean.

I know this doctor: 6mnths

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