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Who is in charge of these things? certainly not patients! this dentist is incompetent. I went in with the most painful abscessed tooth, even told them which one it was as they were tapping in it. they said, no - it's 2 teeth down, doesn't have crown, leaky filling. I can do a procedure - Kristen says - 20 mins - $432- to get u out of pain - cuz I can't do root canal today. Well, surprise- or uh, no- the pain was still there, cuz it was ma back tooth. But since Kristen did a pulpectomy - most of the root canal - which took over an hour(they take hour) I have to now pay 4 a root canal & crown on that tooth - their price? $2400 more? Do ya think they did it on purpose? Knowing the back tooth only needed root canal and no crown? I had that done at diff dentist yesterday for $400. that's all it Wld have cost me to be out of pain & completely done with that stupid tooth. Not saying other tooth might not need attention- but u get drift. When my jaw dropped at the estimate, the receptionist grew horns & practically consumed my head when she snapped back "yes ma'am" to my really?all the while in the background Kristen, who calls herself "the dentist" is yapping to my hubby that I don't need pain meds. my weekend was hell!

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