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Dr. Karl Smith DDS MS MBA - Periodontist

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I wrote this review on 3/20/18 at 9:20AM and I got an email on 10/17 that there was a reply to my original review. The reply was "please remove." I got around to replying today but the review was removed. Moreover, I could not remember my password and the password reset on this site doesn't work. My original review doesn't fit on here anymore. They will try to up-sell services you don't need and he gets mad and will literally kick you out of his office if you challenge him without even a cursory attempt to understand your point of view. My full review can be found around the internet if you search for "Karl Smith Rude and Uncaring." In essence, you cannot trust reviews on this site if someone like this monster pretending to be a dentist can simply just say "please remove" to reviews he doesn't like. There was no comment about my claims, and a simple "please remove" is all it took. Look on yelp and you'll find that this man is not fit to be in the healthcare business, or any business for that matter. His staff is professional and friendly and keep a tidy office. Too bad that is all for naught. I wonder how long this review will be on here. Not long is my guess.

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Dr. Smith on 25 October 2018 7:08 a.m.
We are so sorry that you got a remove email. Please know that we don't handle all of our marketing in-house and sometimes these things happen without our knowledge. I take full responsibility for that. Since this is the first time I am seeing this review, first and foremost, we are very sad that you had a less than positive experience with Dr. Smith. We do recall your appointment and remember all the challenges we had in regards to getting the correct data from your dentist. That is a very frustrating experience for you and for us. No excuses, it is never our intent for any person to have a less than positive experience and for that we (all of us) wholeheartedly say we are sorry and are willing to do whatever we can to make things right. I know you see differently but Dr. Smith is a very kind man who takes very good care of us, his team, our families, and our children. He has paid for education expenses for team members and their kids, supported their families when looking for work after lay-offs, supported and paid for US citizenship, and fully supports us at every turn as working women in this sometimes wild and crazy world. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and I am so sorry you were less than impressed. If there is anything I can do to help, please feel free to reach out to me personally. Your review affects all of us and most importantly is not the reflection we want to give you of us or Dr. Smith. Thank you so much ~ Beverly 703-894-4867
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