Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles CA Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Mala Sheth DDS - Dentist

5 reviews Rating

Torrance, CA

"i threw away my crappy dentures after I got my dental implant surgery. it was worth it."

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Dr. Lane Ochi DDS - Dentist

11 reviews Rating

Beverly Hills, CA

"I saw Dr. Ochi for 12 years+, twice for veneers (+fillings etc) each time was thrilled with my veneers and virtually painless on the dental work without using gas. The attn to detail is masterful, literally, every little groove in ..."

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Dr. Bert Kaufman DDS - Prosthodontist

9 reviews Rating

Woodland Hills, CA

"Dr. Kaufman is an excellent dentist and I have been impressed with the quality care I have received. He is thorough, personable, helpful, and has always shown a genuine concern for my overall satisfaction. I have been seeing Dr. Kaufman ..."

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Dr. Daniel Kantarovich DDS - Prosthodontist

9 reviews Rating

Orange, CA

"Dr K is OK for a regular treatment, like a crown or veneer. The problem is that he is very confident that he can do about anything. In my case, I trusted his confidence and friendliness in the beginning. 10 ..."

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Dr. Kevin Sands DDS - Dentist

16 reviews Rating

Beverly Hills, CA 310-273-0111 Call

"Dr. Sands does a really amazing job when it comes to dental makeovers. My teeth looked terrible when I first went to see Dr. Sands. After the exam and x-rays, he made suggestions as to what he thought would work best for me. I'm so happy I listened to him because my teeth look great now. He's the best dentist ..."

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Dr. Nhien Doan DDS - Dentist

9 reviews Rating

Pasadena, CA

"Excellent Cosmetic Dentist!!!! Beautiful Office. Excellent staff. Friendly and Caring."

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Dr. Joseph Adamian DDS - Dentist

8 reviews Rating

Glendale, CA

"!If you want a knowledgeable, reliable dentist, a dentist who will save your teeth and your money, you can choose Dr. Adamian without any doubt. My fiancé and I have referred at least 7 of our friends to him and ..."

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Dr. Alan Howard DMD - Dentist

6 reviews Rating

Encino, CA

"DON'T USE THIS DENTIST!! Went to Dr. Alan Howard for a REGULAR checkup and cleaning thinking my insurance, which is top of the line, would cover the whole coast like it normally does. Dr. Howard's assistants (he himself doesn't treat ..."

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Dr. Navid Zamani DMD - Dentist

26 reviews Rating

Sherman Oaks, CA

"He's one of the best dentist I ever met. Knowledgeable, understanding/ perfectionist. This Dental spa is a great place since the staff are friendly equipment is new and very high end plus very advanced. I highly recommend this place to ..."

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