Oral Surgeon West Palm Beach FL Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Jack Hirschfeld DDS - Oral Surgeon

12 reviews Rating

Palm Springs, FL

"From the moment I walked inside to the moment I walked out, I felt 100% confident in Dr. Hirschfeld's ability., I needed to have my wisdom teeth extracted. He took care of my swollen gums and got the swelling down. ..."

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Dr. Michael Mauck DDS - Oral Surgeon

5 reviews Rating

Wellington, FL

"After meeting Dr. Mauck one time, I had a full mouth extraction of all my remaining 22 teeth by him at one sitting. After receiving medication for twilight sleep, I felt very little discomfort throughout the entire procedure. I actually ..."

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Dr. Bertrand Sorel DDS - Oral Surgeon

1 reviews Rating

West Palm Beach, FL

"Dr Sorel treated my teenage son. He was very very kind. He took his time to explain everything to me and my son. He treated him with the utmost of respect ,caring and consideration. He even called that evening to ..."

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Dr. Robert Laird DDS - Oral Surgeon

1 reviews Rating

West Palm Bch, FL

"I had to have four of my wisdom teeth pulled at once..One two were impacted one was infected. It was about $2000.00 total. This icluded full sedation. being that I did not have insurance they allowed me to pay 1/2 ..."

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