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Dr. Mark Stein DDS, MD - Oral Surgeon

92 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212-888-4760 Call

"I had been DREADING getting my wisdom teeth removed for YEARS I always knew the day would come and when it finally did I don't think I could have gone through with it if it wasn't for Dr.Stein. He is patient, knowledgeable, kind, considerate and overall probably the only dentist I have ever enjoyed going to. 10/10 would recommend. HOPEFULLY, ..."

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Dr. Lloyd Klausner D.M.D. - Oral Surgeon

27 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212-888-8889 Call

"I recently had a wisdom tooth extraction preformed by Dr. Klausner. The surgery went as perfect as expected! I had very minor pain after, and healed smoothly. I was asleep the entire time and did not feel a thing! Doctor Klausner and his staff are extremely professional and clean! I could tell from my very first visit that Dr. K ..."

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Dr. Harrison Chen D.D.S. - Oral Surgeon

23 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212-755-5570 Call

"I wish they were my primary care guys. Great problem solvers."

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Dr. Howard Ochs DR - Oral Surgeon

7 reviews Rating

Flushing, NY 718-263-7400 Call

"Dr Fuchs very nice, professional, In formative. My extraction and implants went extremely well. Very happy. His staff is very nice and caring"

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Dr. Stephen Klein DDS - Oral Surgeon

6 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212-986-8151 Call

"Dr. Klein is the most professional and competent oral surgeon in the business. I was so nervous because my dentist said that i needed an implant and i really didnt know what to expect. Dr. Klein was so patient and explained everything to me. His office is beautiful and his staff was very helpful and kind. He even worked with ..."

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Dr. Dennis Lee DDS - Oral Surgeon

21 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"I went to Dr. Lee for wisdom tooth extractions. Reception and staff were courteous and accommodating. Didn't have to wait long (about 5-10 minutes). Dr. Lee helped me relax by telling me what he is doing, interspersed with what to ..."

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Dr. Jeremiah D' Anna DDS - Oral Surgeon

11 reviews Rating

Staten Island, NY

"you wont find better he knows his stuff and a good dentist i have done extractions and implants he is the man"

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Dr. Martin Sher DDS - Oral Surgeon

10 reviews Rating

Brooklyn, NY

"great treatment, great staff, very pleasant and helpful, prompt, on time, affordable. i would recommend dr Sher !"

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Dr. Steven Sutter DDS - Oral Surgeon

11 reviews Rating

Long Beach, NY

"I went to Dr. Sutter's office to have one wisdom tooth pulled. What an amazing experience from start to finish. I ended up having all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out. I was able to have an IV & ..."

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