Orthodontist NY Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Robert Bruno DDS - Orthodontist

36 reviews Rating

Queens, NY (718) 565-7242 Call

"A very experienced Orthodontist. He gave excellent treatment for my daughters braces. Appointments were always on time and accurate. Results were terrific. My son will be seeing him shortly."

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Dr. Maria Karpov DMD - Orthodontist

8 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212 245 4234 Call

"Dr Karpov shows exceptional professionalism and expertise in all aspects of her practice, especially in treating my jaw pain with night guard. Having dealt with a number of orthodontists in the city, Dr. Karpov ranks among the best in her stress-free treatment of pain, as well as her thoughtful attention to me as a patient. Her facilities are among the ..."

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Dr. Harry Tsotsos DDS - Orthodontist

12 reviews Rating

Wantagh, NY

"Dr Harry is the best orthodontics I have ever met, aside from being a caring and sweet human being. Having 3 children with the most beautiful smile because of his work, we are going back for the 4th! Even if ..."

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Dr. Eric Gibbs DDS - Orthodontist

11 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"Dr. Gibbs is honest, straightforward, and takes great pride in his professionalism. It's sad to say that so many orthodontists in Manhattan are little better than scam artists - Dr. Gibbs is the ONLY one I met (interviewed 5) who ..."

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Dr. Marc Lemchen DDS - Orthodontist

14 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"The best of the best. Great staff, amazing results. I can't stop smiling and showing off my beautiful straight teeth."

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Dr. Stewart Grauer DDS - Orthodontist

10 reviews Rating

Roslyn, NY

"Let me preface by saying that a major part of my job involves going places & inspecting them. I am extremely perceptive & am not easily won over. As a business owner that deals with the public, it was imperative ..."

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Dr. Margaret Zadnik DDS - Orthodontist

9 reviews Rating

New Hyde Park, NY

"My daughter's treatment for braces has been a positive experience in every way."

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Dr. Ronald Mizrahi DDS - Orthodontist

13 reviews Rating

Brooklyn, NY

"The overall experience was fine. The entire staff was pleasant, warm and has wonderful customer service. The facility was clean and the waiting area was roomy. The doctor. This man was pleasant on the first visit but gradually became condescending ..."

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Dr. Christian Miller DDS - Orthodontist

6 reviews Rating

Plainview, NY

"Smooth easy process. Very professional. Love my teeth! Highly recommend as Dr. Chris treated my kids with braces as well as myself with Invisalign. Accepted our insurance directly so out of pocket cost was very affordable."

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