Dr. Karl Smith DDS MS MBA - Periodontist

36 reviews Rating

Alexandria, VA (703) 894-4867 Call

"I wrote this review on 3/20/18 at 9:20AM and I got an email on 10/17 that there was a reply to my original review. The reply was "please remove." I got around to replying today but the review was removed. Moreover, I could not remember my password and the password reset on this site doesn't work. My original review doesn't ..."

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Dr. Israel Puterman DMD MSD - Periodontist

20 reviews Rating

Chevy Chase, MD 301-652-0939 Call

"can a person "enjoy" gum surgery? maybe not, but having this otherwise dreaded procedure at dr, Puterman was actually relaxing, comfortable, expert, and even entertaining. his personality and humor is like that of your best college professor. he is aware and careful in avoiding pain for the patient. and his patience is extraordinary. although he has many patients, he is ..."

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Dr. Madjid Matin DMD, CAGS - Periodontist

10 reviews Rating

Chevy Chase, MD 301-656-6424 Call

"Dr. Matin is gracious, conscientious, and an extraordinarily skilled surgeon. He has done my four implants which to my amazement were painless during and after. His smile and kindness really help put me at ease. He always calls the evening after surgery to make certain that all is fine! I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Matin on my dental ..."

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Dr. Marc Stanard DDS - Periodontist

9 reviews Rating

Washington, DC 202.887.5441 Call

"Dr Stanard provides exceptional service. He provided pain-free treatment, being very diligent with his follow up to ensure that all was well after the surgery . He is extremely courteous and takes the time to explain what is needed and the treatment required. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing dental surgery."

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