Prosthodontist St Louis MO Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Alan Levi DDS - Dentist

8 reviews Rating

St. Louis, MO

"Dr. Levi’s Office is the most disgusting, old, dirty office I have ever been in. The furniture is dirty and worn, there are piles of old papers and trash everywhere, and dust on everything. He is impatient, arrogant, and slipping ..."

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Dr. Barry Goldenberg DDS - Prosthodontist

4 reviews Rating

Saint Louis, MO

"Dr. Goldenberg is extremely professional and delivers excellent care. He truly demands the best from himself and his staff. I wouldn't go to any other dentist. I have never had any pain or issues whatsoever."

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Dr. Joseph Shea DDS - Prosthodontist

6 reviews Rating

Saint Louis, MO

"Incredible dentist. State of the art, thorough. Strongly recommend for implants and esthetics (crowns, veneers)"

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Dr. Thomas Matthes DDS - Prosthodontist

1 reviews Rating

Chesterfield, MO

"He was very expensive and his work was not worth the money. Very unfriendly office staff. He did not listen to my concerns. I would not recommend him to other people."

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