TMJ Dentist Columbus OH Rankings and Reviews


291 reviews Rating

COLUMBUS, OH (614) 459-7300 Call

"I went to OHIO State for school and had Dr. Latif as my dentist. I moved out of state to get a job and had to find a dentist - very bad mistake. The quack I found killed my teeth and me. I went back for a Buckeye's game and my teeth were killing me. As I was planning to ..."

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Dr. Michael Bezbatchenko DDS - Dentist

9 reviews Rating

Westerville, OH

"Dr. Bez has been my dentist for many years. He is knowledgable in TMJ and sleep apnea. He has made my smile look new again! I would recommend Dr. Bezbatchenko to anyone looking for a great dentist."

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Dr. Gregory Ness DDS - Oral Surgeon

1 reviews Rating

Worthington, OH

"Dr. Ness is by far the best Dr. I have ever met as a person and a Dr. Suffering from extreme TMJ for over 10 years, I saw a lot of Drs. so I am a patient who can judge. ..."

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Dr. Michael Firouzian DDS - Dentist

9 reviews Rating

Columbus, OH

"Dr Mike helped me tremendously after receiving sub-standard care from a previous Dentist. He walked into quite a bee-hive. He was extremely professional, thorough and honest with his treatment plan for me. He explained not only what he wanted to ..."

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