TMJ Dentist Philadelphia PA Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Anna Kornbrot DDS - Oral Surgeon

4 reviews Rating

Philadelphia, PA

"I had my two wisdom teeth extracted in the morning at Dr. Kornbrot's office. 1) I was quite nervous at the beginning, but she was very nice and explained the procedures in great details and in an easy-to-understand way. 2) ..."

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Dr. Bruce Chernow DDS - Prosthodontist

2 reviews Rating

Lansdale, PA

"Dr. Chernow has completely changed my life! I grew up covering my mouth anytime I would laugh or smile because my teeth were so bad. My sister was recommended to Dr. Chernow by her dr. because she had TMJ and ..."

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Dr. David Cunning DDS - Oral Surgeon

8 reviews Rating

Doylestown, PA

"very unhappy about my visit. The Dr. made a very ;stressful situation even more stressful. He made me feel like worthless piece of sh*t as I was paying the expensive bill for absolutely nothing. I won't go back. It seemed ..."

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Dr. Beth Snyder DMD - Dentist

3 reviews Rating

Doylestown, PA

"Refered to this dentist by an associate that relocated to another state. Treatment was to have been at no cost. WRONG...charged me several hundreds of dollars for an inital consultation; then had her EFDA TENS and over-adjust new crowns to ..."

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