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Review 1 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Friendly helpful staff. Good instructions. Good scheduling and reminders for appointments day before. I would only suggest they encourage patient to buy a water pic as I was not told that and it really helped in caring for my teeth. Stephanie particularly good in explanation. Dr Gen very good but sometimes when a power tool was being used I could not hear him really well. Office very clean and orderly. Good playlist for music. All in all a good experience

About Front Desk: Very helpful. Efficient. All of them

My Experience: Braces

Duration: Eighteen month

I know this doctor: Eighteen months

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Review 2 by Stars: 1.0 on Link
Dr. Gen is a used car salesman, he is running an operation not a medical office. During my initial consultation he told me he will see me every other 5-6 weeks for the duration of the treatment for which he estimated to be 2 years. When I asked who does the adjustments. he said he will be the only one touching my teeth. The day I decided to get braces, his assistant with one year degree from a for-profit school cemented the braces on my teeth without any guidance from the doctor or him being around at all. The doctor showed up too late so he decided to improvise and placed some buildups to separate the teeth. After my second visit when the braces were on he told me he will see me every 12 weeks for adjustments, and the treatment will be 3 years. Be aware that the payment needs to be sent in monthly. When he took out the braces he cracked my front teeth, he said those are coffee stains and are not from the braces.

I know this doctor: 3 years

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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Being a General Dentist myself, I've been referring my patients to Dr. Gen for the past 10 years. I highly value his work and always enjoy the results he is delivering. My patients always comment on high professionalism from Dr. Gen and his team and I know many patients refer their friends to see such a wonderful Orthodontist. I have personally experienced Dr. Gen's skills by getting adult orthodontia for myself as well as braces for my children. I am highly satisfied with the outcome of care provided by Dr. Gen Orthodontics.

I know this doctor: 10 years

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Review 4 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
He is very nice. Like him a lot my teeth are very nice. Go Dr. gen!
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Review 5 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Gen and his staff were very helpful and went out of their way to make my daughter feel comfortable with her braces. His offices are bright and modern. On the few occasions when we had to change her appointment time, they were very accommodating and pleasant. They seemed to take genuine pleasure in my daughter's progress. He has a web site and does a lot of extra things that make you feel like they have a real personal interest in you, like family.
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