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My daughter had extensive, complicated orthodontal work done by Dr. Massar in the early 1990s. The result was aesthetically good. She has had some TMJ issues since and needs to wear a night guard. Maybe he's grown up since, but the unforgettable incident was the appt when he checked her mouth, she cried out involuntarily when he did something that hurt, and he told her loudly, in front of other patients being examined in the same open area, that she was OVER-REACTING! She went pale and absolutely silent while he continued berating her. I was standing right there in the room and was incredulous that a professional that dealt with teens in pain on a regular basis could be so unfeeling, unprofessional, and so callous. This was, as I said, extensive and lengthy treatment, not easily handed over to someone else mid-treatment, so we stuck it out. But, if I'd had my preference we would have left that office never to return! I did speak to him privately afterward (giving him more consideration than he'd given my daughter!) and he apologized, saying he and the staff had sensed she didn't like them and this had been building up for a while. This is from an adult professional! Youth don't need this!!!
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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Highly recommend,Friendly,Efficient,My experience was excellent!
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