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I took my 4 yr old to see Dr. Beverly Largent for the first and last time. The only thing pediatric about that dentist was the decor. She was threatening and aggressive. The hygienist took us back into the exam area and told me to put my son on the yellow chair. That was the extent of her efforts to make him feel comfortable at the dentist. He was scared and frightened holding on to my leg. As I bent over to pick him up this LADY , had decided to put her face within a foot of my face and started to talk to me very aggressively and said" We can do this the hard way or do I need to have a conversation with him. Do I need to restrain him or do you need to make another appointment." We haven't been in the exam area a full minute when this lady came at me with those choices. That lady come to find out was the PEDIATRIC DENTIST Dr. Largent. She did not introduce herself to me or my child. She did not say one kind reassuring word to me or my child. She was extremely unprofessional in threatening me to restrain my child as her first action to get him in the exam chair. I seriously question her" chairside" manners involving children. She was very un-pediatric like and will never go back.
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