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Dr. Jeffrey West Rating 2.0 stars based on 1 reviews $$
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This was the most horrible dental experience of my life. When Dr. West extracted my tooth, I explained to him that I have lots of anxiety about dental procedures. I also have a very low pain tolerance. When I went to have my implant, I requested sedation. So when I was in the chair and the sedation was not working, he jabbed three shots of novicain in my cheek and gums without warning. I started to cry because the sedation was not working and I was getting anxious. He became angry when I started crying and told me that I was behaving childishly and I should just shut up and deal with the pain. I left the chair and ran out of the office to call my husband. No one in the office came after me to make sure I was ok. I was heavily sedated at that point and alone in the lobby. I called my mother. I went back upstairs and Dr. West did not say one word to me but looked at me like I was a piece of garbage. They gave me two more sedatives and I passed out. My mother and my husband came to take me home. Dr. West did not deny how rude he had been to me and still did not apologize. Dr. West also almost came to physical blows with my husband when he commented it was unprofessional.

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