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Dr. Wendy Goodman Rating 4.0 stars based on 28 reviews $$
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Review 1 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. goodman has the winning combination of great skill & diagnostic abiility coupled with a warm & caring personality.Even after moving from Bklyn to Manhattan 11 years ago ,I continue to make the subway trek every 3 months for my mmaintenance proceedures. Having just completed an implant, each step of the process was handled with care to insure complete success. Dr. Goodman explained every detail in advance & kept me relaxed,as usual.

About Hygienist: And thanks to the skills of Lana, the dental hygienist, my smile sparkles. She is a gentle ,extremely thorough, and charming professional.

I know this doctor: 18 years

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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Goodman is not only knowledgeable, extremely intelligent in her field and related fields, professional at all times, competent, caring but an overall wonderful humanitarian aw well. My family and I started seeing Dr. Goodman 15 years ago, or more, when all of us lived in Brooklyn. I now live in Manhattan for the past 6 years and would travel far and wide to receive the best care possible in every wa, and that is Dr. Goodman and her FABULOUS STAFF!!!. I have called Dr. Goodman at home, when I had a question concerning my oral surgery and she is happy to speak with you or see you no matter what day or time it is. Her staff is caring, understanding, personable as well as professional. Dr. Goodman and her staff make you know that you are in the best of hands and they welcome in like family or better like true friends!!! The commute is well worth the care that I receive- I have never had any problems with any of my treatments or major surgeries- such as implants and double gum grafting- and I have super sensitive gums!! Lana and Veronica and everyone else are wonderful, patient, thoughtful and empathetic!!! This staff is unique and precious-I feel so fortunate to have them in my life as professionals and loving people!!!

I know this doctor: over 15 years!!!!!

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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Excellent staff, very careful, spends time with patient, great overall experience.

About Hygienist: Amazing hygienist - very knowledgeable, caring, careful, doesn't hurt. Great job.

I know this doctor: 2 years

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Review 4 by Stars: 2.0 on Link
One can see the staff at this doctor's office is under a lot of stress. While in the dental chair the doctor was not professional she spoke of patients, friends and other things that i guess was happening in the office all in a negative way. She likes to be the center of attention. She tried to force me to do a procedure and was upset with me when i refused telling me she was doing dentistry for the past 25 years. One can only imagine how she forces other patients to do unnecessary work just to earn money. Her staff works long hours and they are not given any benefits for their loyality to her. No paid holidays, over time or medical or dentla benefits. She need to be more appreciative of her staff. I was applalled at the smell of stale blood and sweat in the office. Havent they heard of using cleaning detergents and perfume?
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Review 5 by Stars: 4.5 on Link
Dr. Wendy Goodman runs a professional skilled dental office. She treated me with great success. Her staff is excellent. Lana is the hygienist who treats me and I couldn't ask for better care. Both Wendy Goodman and Lana are sympathetic, understanding and caring along with being extremely skilled.

I know this doctor: 7

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Review 6 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Goodman is efficient, extremely capable, friendly and has a wonderful staff. I had several very successful procedures done. Never had any complications. My teeth have never been in better shape and I am 73 years old.

About Hygienist: Lana is fabulous & is a tremendous asset to Dr. Goodman. I visit every 4 months for periodontal work. She is sensitive, knowledgeable, friendly and informs me when & if I need other dental work done.

I know this doctor: 30 years

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Review 7 by Stars: 4.5 on Link
i have had periodontic surgery twice- performed by dr.goodman. i go every three months for maintenance, and have always been treated with the utmost care and kindness, in an genuine manner. i would definately recommend dr.goodman and her staff without any hesitation.

About Hygienist: lana has been my hygienist for several years. her expertise and gentleness are sincere, and remove some of the anxiety. i value her friendship and warm greeting.

I know this doctor: 15 years

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Review 8 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Goodman is simply the best! She is a kind, patient, and concerned doctor. The entire staff follows her lead. Following any surgical proceedure they call to make sure you are ok. I can say enough... this is the care you want!

I know this doctor: 10 years

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Review 9 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
My mother has been a patient for a long time, so when my dentist recommended I see a periodontist it was a no brainer. I was nervous because I don't like the dentist to begin with. Dr. Goodman was very kind and patientThe staff couldnt have been nicer! Veronica the hygenist was so kind and patient. Highly recommend!!!!

I know this doctor: 1 year

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Review 10 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
all i can say is i feel like i am taken care of as if i was a family member! Everything about Dr. Goodman and her hygenist Lana is top notch. I have had many procedures all of them a huge success ! especially one of my more challenging procedures which was iffy since it was a mess but Dr. Goodman put her best sutures forward and it was successful!

About Hygienist: lana is fantastic, informative, gentle takes her time,she is very knowledgeble!

I know this doctor: over 8 years

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