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Great! on June 13, 2016, 8:56 a.m. Link
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I absolutely love this doctor. He really cares about his patients. He took his time with me and has the best bedside manner in the universe! He held my hand cause I am so afraid of dentists and listened to my concerns and fears and addressed them. He didn't want to cost me more money then necessary and said that I didn't need all the work that I was being told I needed. He was amazing all the way around. I love Gina too! She helped my family so much. They listened me to ramble and was so patient with me. I felt so comfortable and they even admitted that when they first met me on my first visit that I was off the wall. I was beyond nervous, scared, disappointed because of the prices being quoted with other doctors and Dr. Blank relieved all that fearand held my hand to make me settle down from anxiety. I walked out of his office with so much gratitude. I love this practice all the way around and would recommend them 100%. I have 2 implants and never felt barly any pain at all. The whole staff was so loving and when my 6 year old and I go in for check ups on the implants they all were gathered around us and hugged us and made us feel like we was part of the family. I wanna hug them now for making me feel so special.

About Front Desk: Very very very sweet!!! Gina is in all positions at one time or another throughout the day and she is the best in her field at all the positions. I love this office so much!!!!!

About Hygienist: Gina is the absolute bomb! She is so caring. I love this lady and would highly recommend her. She comforted me when I was in the chair in tears over the work I was told from other dentists that I needed and then sent away without even so much as a filling to help my teeth but was charged a fee for nothing but not with this practice. They really care. They do outstanding work and take a lot of pride. I cant recommend them enough.

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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
The people at Dr. Blank's office are wonderful: kind, considerate, and thoughtful. I have had two gum grafting surgeries, and each time, the nurses have been wonderful. Dr. Blank is also very knowledgeable and caring.
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