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Dr. Katherine Lee is superb! I asked to get a new upper plate. Mine was about 15 years old. I had replaced it once before in this area, with unusable results, and was reluctant to try again. After another 8 years, when the teeth on the plate had worn to nubs, I bit the bullet (figuratively), and made an appointment with Dr. Lee. She does wonderful work, takes great care in what she does, and, justifiably so, can be very proud of what she does. Her chair-side manner is delightful. She explains everything about the procedure clearly and concisely, is willing to answer any questions, and has a pleasant sense of humor. My new plate was adjusted for maximum comfort. The tooth color was perfectly matched. And she presented the plate to me to wear within a week, along with a bagful of goodies for denture cleaning and use. I cannot thank Dr. Lee enough for all she has done for my mouth and my general pleasure in the way I look and feel..
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