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Poor communication skills, stressed, rushed. Should not make medaphor promises. "These dentures are going to fit like a glove" They never did from the get go because if she would have been thorough and 100% forthcoming from the start.' After two years of trying to communicate and doing reline after reline. i decided to try another dentist, he made me another denture. Again i started to experience the loose fitting, but he at least told me exactly why. Tremendous bone loss on one side. He indicated with that much loss, my dentures are NEVER going to fit, let alone fit like a glove. I decided to seek another opinion, this time i was shown the 3D image and given a detailed not so good prognosis. Half way into the 3rd year of many unresolved issues. I just wished I had been more informed, and seen the red flags. Granted, i should have researched and researched much more, after all with GOOGLE, Utube, online group chats, etc. etc. But unfortunately I trusted and put faith in her. Now, I am right back to the beginning. yuck...

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