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I went to my dental associates in Quincy to have my crown reglued. I had had another crown recently come off and was not as content this time. I have been a dental associates customer for 20 years and have had regular cleanings (every 6-8 months) and dental insurance through DAP which I payed Dental Associates for. I asked to see their best doctor after yet another crown had come off. Dr. Richard Woolfe saw me. His assistant who was in school looked at my crown and stated it looked like a temporary crown. It was a fully porcelain crown, more expensive than their typical metal crowns because the tooth was near the front. Dr. Richard Woolfe told me there was no decay in the crown rea.Yet I had bleeding daily between 2 crowns (one that fell off) but was told I was not flossing enough. I started flossing daily instead of weekly. When I saw Dr Richard Woolfe,he ground down the crown both top and bottom. It had fit before but after he replaced my crown, it does not fit right. He used a metal hammer to put my crown back on. Metal against porcelain?? he also proudly exclaimed the he ground off the brown spot at the seat of the crown between my teeth. This doesn't make it fit better by alterning the seat. I am complaining.!!

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