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Dr. Morton L Perel Dr. 116 Wayland Avenue Providence, RI 02906 (401) 861-1343 had recommended that I replace an old amalgam filling because it was getting old and replace it with a gold filling. He only recommend I only use a gold filling (cost $1,985) The gold filling or (Gold Casting) was prepared by Dr. Morton L Perel and the first one was placed by Dr Barbara Bilder. The gold filling irritated my tongue to the point I had problems speaking. I had to have the gold filling completely removed from my molar; I choose to use another dentist for this. I asked in writing three times for my $1,985 back, Dr. Morton L Perel and refused to return my money. I asked for this money back because I have had to spend so far an additional $2,000 on this tooth. I had work done on another molar with a different dentist Six months later. I had an old filling replaced with white filling it costs me $290 and I had no complications. What a big difference in costs and results.

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