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10001 S. Penn. Ave., Ste. M-240

Oklahoma City, OK

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Review 1 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
August 21, 2017 Review of Dr. Mark Shirley of Dental Innovations: As usual, Dr. Shirley provided extraordinary care as he completed my treatment plan a few days ago. My spouse and I both have trusted our dental care to Dr. Shirley for several years now. Dr. Shirley, and his staff appear genuinely happy in their positions, but most of all, they always demonstrate a willingness to do what is necessary to assist their patients' while providing the best dental experience. We feel so confident in Dr. Shirley's expertise in excellent dental care we have been able to refer friends, and family to Dr. Shirley when they find themselves seeking a quality dental professional. Dr. Shirley is competent, confident, and highly qualified to provide the innovative treatment his dental practice suggests as echoed in the name of his dental practice. He is compassionate, his 'chair side' manner is remarkably evident from the moment he greets you until the last step in your treatment plan. Dr. Shirley is a true leader, within his field, who readily guides, and assists his staff when appropriate. The entire staff consistently demonstrates a presence of kindness, and each member of Dr. Shirley’s staff has always been very considerate. Great dentist!

About Front Desk: A big thanks to each, and every one of the staff members for the role they share in making it possible for Dr. Shirley to be the very best, and ultimately very successful dentist through his practice 'Dental Innovations." They do a wonderful job of running the office efficiently, and make you feel comfortable from the time you arrange your appointment until you find yourself finished with your dental experience!

About Hygienist: Each of Dr. Shirley's Dental Hygienist's are super! They are competent and very kind. It is evident Dr. Shirley's staff members are very easy going, and relaxed in their work environment. The ease of the environment makes such a difference for a dental patient awaiting any procedure.

My Experience: Dental Implants

I know this doctor: since 2008

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Great! on Oct. 6, 2016, 11:25 a.m. Link
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Review 2 by Stars: 4.0 on Link
The two crowns I received were done very well; however, it was the dishonesty of the billing for the reason I am writing this review. I was told that I had to pay in full at the time of service, which I was prepared to do. My insurance paid only a portion and I was quoted a specific amount and told that I might get a discount when I had the crown done. When I arrived I was quoted $909.00 rather than $1035.00, which I paid in full! However, six months later when I returned for my regular cleaning I was told I owed the dentist $165.00 dollars more for the crown. I asked the front office why, since my insurance had paid months ago. The response was that the office had tried to reach me but my address was wrong. This was a complete lie since I never changed my address. In addition the office notified me numerous times of my appointment for my six month cleaning! When I complained about the lack of notification - the response from the office was that I must have thought I was on some sort of payment plan. Really? What office bills only every six months? Needless to say the dishonesty of the book keeping will keep away from this dentist. The front office was indifferent and blatantly lied to me about the billing!! Never again!!

About Front Desk: Non way to rate terrible service and a dishonest billing process!!

Front desk:

My Experience: Crown

Duration: About 3 hours

I know this doctor: 4 years

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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr Shirley and his staff are outstanding. Dr Shirley does excellent work and strives to maintain a pain free treatment.

I know this doctor: 3yrs

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Review 4 by Stars: 4.5 on Link
Dr. Shirley did a great job answering my questions and making me feel at ease. The work he did was amazing and I now have a beatiful smile!

About Hygienist: Jeannie is our favorite at Dr. Shirley's office, she is kind, understanding, gentle and does a GREAT job.

I know this doctor: 3 months

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Review 5 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr Shirley is the best! He treats all five members of our family (and my oldest daughter, age 23, works for him part time as a dental assistant) with the highest standards and best of care. His new office is state of the art, crowns made right on site, and I've never felt any pain in any procedure he has performed. As a nervous patient I tend to tense up when being treated but I am totally at ease here. He uses the new white resin fillings instead of those old almalgam ones. Watch TV while you sit in the chair. Who could ask for more! The office really helps us deal with our insurance company when there are any questions.

About Hygienist: Traci is the best hygienist I have ever seen. She has total empathy for the patient and those sensitive teeth when she is cleaning and flossing. I have a lot of fillings and I appreciate the care she has given me!

I know this doctor: 4 years

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Review 6 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
A friend sent me to Dr. Shirley because I am not able to take off during the week for a dental visit (he does Saturdays) He is great and very fast compared to other dentists I have seen. He is young and up to date on the lastest stuff. I would send anyone to see him!
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Review 7 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Shirley is very young and he is great. He is very caring and listens to everything you need to tell him. He is currently working evenings and weekends so if you need an appt without missing work I would highly reccomend him. You will not be sorry! WENDE OKC
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