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Review 1 by Stars: 1.0 on Link
Very bad practice, want to sell extra services to patients to make money from Insurance. This practice should be avoided at any cost.

About Front Desk: Just ok

Hygiene rating:

Hygiene time: 1 hour with no cleaning

I know this doctor: 2 Years

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Mona Gambhir dislikes Dr. Aparna Sadineni on Dec. 21, 2022, 12:57 p.m.
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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Sadineni is an exceptional dentist. My wife has been a patient of hers for more than 6 years and recommended her to me. I'm happy with her treatment. She does comprehensive examinations and takes her time. I came in for porcelain veneers and I am blown away by the results. They are the perfect shade and shape.

About Front Desk: They are through in explaining the treatment cost, Insurance benefits and payment plans

About Hygienist: The hygienist is very gentle and caring!!

My Experience: Veneers / Cosmetic Dentistry

I know this doctor: Smile Makeover

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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Sadineni is extremely nice and the best dentist I have had the pleasure of going to.

About Hygienist: Marsha was my hygienist and I couldn't have asked for anyone better. She was so professional and gave me a great cleaning! I would recommend her to anyone in the Columbus area!

My Experience: Cleaning

Duration: \N

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Review 4 by Stars: 1.0 on Link
I have visited Dr Aparna Sadineni for my teeth cleaning, after taking xrays, she came up with expensive treatment plans and she did not tell us that why deep cleaning is required. She was in hurry to get the money and forced us to accept. After two months of deep cleaning , my gums were swollen and I feel heavy pain. One important thing is, she will not stick to the rate plan she has explained before, rather she will wait for insurance companies to accept high rates and based on that she will send high balance due bill. Please avoid visiting her. She is cheating people with her poor skills. I think she is not the same as she posted in one on of the website. I recommend everybody to think twice before reaching them. She was planning to get the 4 sides of DEEP cleaning in 90 minutes, this clearly indicates how desperate she is on getting money.

About Front Desk: Front Desk Staff acts as if they are very smart. I just went to discuss my bill and they were reluctant to talk to me.

Front desk:

Hygiene rating:

About Hygienist: Heavy pain and they don't take care of you while treatment. I feel numbness even after 6 months of treatment.

Hygiene time: 90

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Review 5 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I really like this place. I thought it was very nice, and the Dentists were very nice to me, they did a great job cleaning my teeth, and told me everything I should know. I recommend this place for everyone.

I know this doctor: 1 Years

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Review 6 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Thank you so much for all that you have done. I can't express enough how great it feels to be able to smile with confidence now. Not only was my physical appearance heightened but my attitude and self-image is much more positive as well. I appreciate the time, care and consideration both you and Veronica provided throughout this experience. You always made me feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way. I am grateful to have a dentist as skilled and talented as you

I know this doctor: 1 Year

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Review 7 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful work you did on my teeth. I can't begin to put in to words how much better I feel about myself. It feels so wonderful to be able to smile and not have to hide it. You truly care about the people you work on. I hope you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me! I just wanted to send you a little note to make sure you know you are appreciated!" --Tanya Williams

I know this doctor: 3 years

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