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Dr. Eric Bremer Rating 5.0 stars based on 15 reviews $$
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Review 1 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
The office is pleasant, clean and cheerful. The staff are very friendly. Dr. Bremer is competent and very friendly. I was nervous, but quickly relaxed. The office seems to have very modern equipment.

About Front Desk: The front desk staff is friendly and cheerful....Little wait time.

My Experience: Root Canal

Duration: 1 hour

I know this doctor: 3 years

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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I had root canal done and overall I had a pleasant expierience. VIirtually no wait time when I came after work that day. The rooms were clean, the staff were very nice and comforting as well as Dr bremer. He explained very thoroughly the procedure and was very friendly and good chair side manors throughout my visit. Would recommend Dr bremer to anybody.

Front desk:

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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I was very nervous going to my appointment I had some really bad experiences in the past.Dr Bremer and his staff put my worries to rest. The treatment was painless. I would recommend his office to any of my family members or friends who was in need of a rootcanal.

About Front Desk: The front desk was very helpful and polite. They were very helpful to me with some insurance issues that I had.

I know this doctor: just met him

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Review 4 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I have had several root canals in the past few years. Each have been successful and pain free. Dr. Bremer is a kind, compassionate dentist. As a graduate of NYU, he is current on the latest advancements in the field. The equipment is modern. The office is clean and cheerful.

About Front Desk: I called and was able to get an appointment quickly. This is most important to me when I have an emergency. The staff is friendly and kind.

I know this doctor: 5 years

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Review 5 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Had a pleasant experience. The office is super clean and staff was very friendly. The root canal was absokutely painless!!!

About Front Desk: Appointment was easy to make. My insurance was verified and the process was seamless.

Front desk:

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Review 6 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Called Dr. Bremer's office to see how soon I could be seen since my tooth was really bothering me. Was told the doctor could see me that afternoon. Explained I just started a new job and would like to be seen before work. They gave me the first appt the next day. Dr. Bremer was very compassionate, and very gentle. The root canal was so infected that I needed 2 appointments to get it finished. But the office accomidated me on my schedule so I wouldn't miss too much work. I was very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend this dentist for your root canal work

About Front Desk: The office staff was very professional and helpful in accomidating my need for an early morning appt. The assistant who worked with Dr. Bremer (Colleen) really knew how he worked so the experience was very calming. They managed to get me in and out in a very timely maner.

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Review 7 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Called up Dr. Bremer's office in extreme pain. The office staff got me in right away. Dr. Bremer preformed a root canal on my tooth that day. I was in little to no pain during and after the procedure. He has amazing bedside manner and even called me the next day to see how I was feeling. I would highly recommend him and his office to anyone in need of a root canal!

About Front Desk: Excellent help with scheduling. They got me in right away as I was in a lot of pain. Very helpful with figuring out my cost with my insurance company.

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Review 8 by Stars: 1.0 on Link
In general he was friendly. Told me the root canal cost I had top pay after insurance and I paid in advanced. But weeks later I got huge amount of bill mentioning need to pay that price since there was not covered by insurance. Just such unproffesional manner and seemed has no clue what had been done. The staff whos calling regarding the fees just rudely telling to pay since the service done. Complain through BBB, finally try to arrange payment. Never get any bill again but suddenly just a collecter letter from agency which destroy my credit score which I tried hard to maintain by paying on time. Just a heartless unproffesional medical service.

About Front Desk: At first okey but after very rude and has no knowledge how to handle a customer´s complain.

Front desk:

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Smiling Patient dislikes Dr. Eric Bremer on Feb. 17, 2014, 1:09 p.m.
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Review 9 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I had a bad tooth and was told by my dentist I needed a root canal. He recommended Dr. Bremer. I made an appointment and went to the office. Was brought to the back by Coleen. She really put me at ease and helped me to relax. Dr. Bremer walked in and introduced himself. He was a specialist trained at NYU. He was a professional, extremely competent, and concerned about making me feel totally relaxed and without pain. I can't say enough good things about him and highly recommend him to anyone needing a root canal.

About Front Desk: Friendly staff

I know this doctor: One week

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