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Dr. Andrew Reingold Rating 4.5 stars based on 3 reviews $$$
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Review 1 by Stars: 2.0 on Link
Let me start by saying that Dr. Reingold was highly recommended by a couple of my friends. They are still happy with him and so I am sure there is something to be said for his dental expertise. Unfortunately, my experience was the polar opposite. This man was so completely rude and disrespectful to me in every way it would take me paragraphs and paragraphs to tell the whole story. In short: He left me hanging for days with a large cavity without explaining my need for certain prerequisite treatments. He questioned my desire to know how much the procedures he was recommending would cost and almost insulted me for being concerned about insurance "this is not an insurance office and we are proud of that". He also blamed me for his lack of being able to complete procedures in a certain amount of time, even though I was being 100% cooperative. He completely over-estimated my pain sensitivity, injecting me with so much novacaine that it made me dizzy and nauseous. And he refused to treat me after I showed the slightest bit of concern about being able to schedule all of the appointments needed because I am a busy mom with a hectic job. Even the way he treats his staff is reprehensible.

I know this doctor: 1 month

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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
i love dr reingold. he is very professional and kind. the staff is very informative and every visit is a much needed break. its like you are hanging out with friends
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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I would place this doctor in the ELITE class -- when it comes to medical care! His skills and professionalism are 'extraordinary.' When I found out I needed a root canal, I went to Dr. Reingold -- not only was the root canal painless, but he gave me the attention and compassion that I have never seen in any other dentist. He is extremely knowledgable in all aspects of dentistry -- and seems incredibly passionate about dentistry. I've been to good dentists before, but will never go anywhere else again. Dr. Reingold take his time, explains exactly what he's going to do, and always takes his time to make sure the patient is feeling comfortable. I was also excited to find you get to watch a DVD of a concert, while you're being worked part of music therapy!
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