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Review 1 by Stars: 2.0 on Link
If you want to wait weeks before you get an appointment then this is the dentist for you. They just don't seem to care that you have to work to pay for their extremely costly services. It's like a take it or leave it relationship. Dr. Const has been my dentist for several years now. I do not go to the dentist very often because it is so hard to get an appointment with him. I always feel as though there is a bit of an uppity SF atmosphere at his office, which I don't like. I had an appointment the other day and I was extremely unhappy with his support staff. His dental assistance told me conflicting information about my teeth, and didn't seem very good to me. I had a hole in my crown and she said I didn't, even though Dr. Const told me years ago I had the hole. They told me it would take six weeks to get an authorization from my insurance company for a filling! I complained to Dr. Const about this, and he said that's the amount of time they give the insurance company. After I left Dr. Const's office I called my insurance company and they said that I did not need an authorization for a filling! The next day, Dr. Const sent me a "Dismissal Letter," saying he was terminating our relationship as patient/dentist! It's funny because the day before he had the nerve to send me a survey asking me about my experience and wanting feedback. I guess you can't complain and always have to say positive things about him or he will take it personally.

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I know this doctor: 4 years

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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Service staff was amazing, very nice and professional. Oral service was great, Dr. Const really takes his time explaining things to you.
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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Const and his staff always give you the super-fabulous options and the what-your-insurance-will-likely-cover options, and never with any judgement. He's incredibly skilled, chamring, kind, funny, and a true pleasure to visit regardless of what's going on in your mouth. i've never felt more confident and comfortable with any dentist in my oral-health life and would recommend him hands-down.

About Hygienist: Dr. Const's hygienists, though both out on maternity leave right now, are wonderful. They are also very skilled, gentle, honest without being judgmental, and a delight to visit. They don't upsell you on expensive toothbrushes or products and really drive home the simplicity of great oral hygiene. They inspire patients to take better care of their teeth without lecturing or heavy-handedness.

I know this doctor: 3 years

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Review 4 by Stars: 4.0 on Link
Dr. Const and everyone on his team are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. They also have state-of-the-art equipment, spa-like amenities, and a no-hassle billing process where his staff will also negotiate through all insurance issues for you in advance. I've referred several friends & co-workers to him and they, too, have become long-time, loyal patients. I can't say enough about him or his practice. Go!! See & experience it for yourself. You and your mouth will be happy campers!

I know this doctor: over 10 years

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Review 5 by Stars: 2.5 on Link
Talented empathetic and kind man who is up to date on latest dental technology. Space taken up by fancy reception area leaves treatment cubicles seem cramped, he seems more concerned with interior design of the office than my teeth at times. Terrible follow through, getting return calls abysmal. Make sure you get a detailed quote for any major work and don't be afraid to question it, not with the support staff, but with Dr. Const - he tends to poo poo his involvement in that, but that's his weakness, not taking responsibility. Insist that he go over the quote and treatment plan with you. When you are paying the prices he charges, he should be confident enough to justify or explain how the plan and estimate was arrived at. Blaming the shortcomings on the support staff avoids the real responsibility, which lies with Dr. Const himself. Don't be blinded by the fancy offices and gadgets, you are paying for all that, plus the fancy car - but if you can't get prompt follow up care and calls returned - your teeth may suffer as a result. Shame, as he's a competent well intentioned and sweet man. He should consider sending out an anonymous client satisfaction survey, to current and ex clients, one which is not afraid to ask tough questions.

About Hygienist: Competent, felt clean - like after most cleanings. Seems hygienist increasingly used to supplant in-depth regular oral exams by dentist himself. Miss hyper Chitty Chatty sometimes makes inappropriate comments leaving me reluctant to schedule next cleaning.

I know this doctor: Was for 5 years

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Review 6 by Stars: 2.5 on Link
The office is state of the art and the staff is very pleasant. However they missed a small cavity which ended up having to be a root canal. I also had to cancel an appointment as I had an emergency out of the city. I canceled more than 24 hours in advance. It has now been 3 years, and they are still trying to charge me for this missed appointment. They have even threatened to send this to collection. I have called several times about this, but it has not been cleared up. Kind of surreal that the week after I got a letter threatening to send me to collections, I received a card wishing me Happy Holidays. Makes me think there there is a real lack of communication in their office.
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Review 7 by Stars: 4.5 on Link
Dr. Const is a great guy, but watch out, he is expensive. I love his office and his staff is great, but check with your insurance company first.

I know this doctor: 12 years

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Review 8 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Const and the entire staff are very professional, personable and very easy to work with. They are always very accommodating with appointment scheduling. They do everything possible to put patients at ease, from the complimentary water, juice, fruit, etc. upon arrival to the expert anesthesia as well as the movies available on your own personal head set. As far as the dentistry - the hygienists are very experienced and efficient and Dr. Const and the other staff dentists are highly trained, experienced and compassionate. Nothing is done without a full consultation about both the work to be done and the costs anticipated. And, the equipment used from the tools to the multiple monitors in each treatment room is beyond state of the art. It makes it all just that much more quick and comfortable. For any kind of dentistry - I would highly recommend Dr. Const and his staff. And actually, if you need bonding - Dr. Const is sought after by clients, colleagues and their families. He is the best.

I know this doctor: 12 years

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Review 9 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
a wonderful office and staff... always professional yet not stuffy. Always top notch. Simply the Best, Bill Essick

I know this doctor: 5 years

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Review 10 by Stars: 4.5 on Link
Generally very pleased. My only complaint is that the staff has a high turnover and you're much more likely to see a dentist just out of school than Dr. Const himself for most simple procedures.
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