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Review 1 by Stars: 2.0 on Link
Definitely not going back to Dr. Lisa Brodsky’s office... I am not the one to complain usually, but looking for a new dentist now brought some recent experiences back to my mind; Dr. Brodsky did two crowns for me last year. From the start, I was questioning my decision to come to her practice. Her staff was not very professional; for example, one of her assistants was answering the phone, doing all the estimates with my medical insurance and assisting Dr. Brodsky when she was working on my tooth – and yes, she was not pleasant on the phone, she couldn’t subtract round numbers when explaining my cost to me over the phone, and pulled out an existing tooth crown after multiple attempts of taking impressions for the new crown, yes, I am not joking! Another assistant gave me a diluted Listerine after cleaning my teeth. Dr. Brodsky made her bring a new one… Yet it seemed to me that Dr. Brodsky did work hard on my teeth though, and I did appreciate that. But again too much drama; she tried too hard to convince me to have a gold crown on bottom molar instead of the porcelain one wanted, and not to have a root canal done when tooth stayed sensitive. She then called the doctor who did my root canal and argued with him because he told me that yes, it looked that I did need a root canal. After a few long visits, the crown that Dr. Brodsky ordered (crowns are from a lab in California) came poorly made and she had to send it back to be corrected. Despite all the hassle, going to her office multiple times to prep the tooth for a new crown, high cost, and dealing with her unprofessional staff, it would have been all fine if I was happy with my new crowns, but I am actually not, ‘Surprised’ you would say; every day food gets stuck between my new crown and my old teeth and I never had this issue before. Looks like I will end up paying more now trying to correct this issue.

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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I had to have veneers replaced that were worn out after being done poorly to start with. Dr. Brodsky did an outstanding job not only doing the work but leading me through the process and making sure everything was perfect. I love my smile! Dr. Brodsky is very customer service focused, from her "chair side" manner to discussing options for dental care. She's very gentle and makes sure the patient is comfortable before beginning to work. You can't make me go to another Dentist! ;-)
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