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Made me a mouthguard. I went back to see him twice after wearing it complaining of sore teeth and a sore jaw and he just kept telling me to wear my mouthguard and said I had a posture problem. I never had a problem before in my lifetime and have been plaqued with neck pain and jaw pain since wearing that mouthguard. I went on line and informed myself a little too late and called another dentist and took my mouthguard with me. He said it was not adjusted correctly to my bite and to quit wearing it. He asked me how many times I went back to see if it was fitted properly. Dr. Rupprecht never had me back in to check it and I was just ignorant enough to not know any better. I never had this problem before. Inform yourself. Current Diagnoses: TMJ - thanks Dr. Rupprecht
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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Look up "positive" in the dictionary and you'll find Eric Rupprecht's picture. He's so cheery you'll look around for the cameras and the scriptwriters, but will soon realize the guy is genuinely upbeat all the time. As much you may hate going to the dentist, you can't help but catch his sunny mood. As a technician he is all about patient comfort and care. He obviously chooses his staff with the same criteria in mind. Bad experiences as a child left me petrified of oral care, which I ignored until an emergency would arise. The best thing Dr. Rupprecht has done for me is to ease my embarrassment about not having cared for my teeth throughout my life and instead praise me for having the guts to come in and deal with it. They have been very positive about turning my oral health around. I can't comment on how expensive his services are - dental care is all expensive - but I will say he is the best dentist I've ever used.

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