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Dr. Daniel Olsen Rating 3.0 stars based on 5 reviews $$$$
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Review 1 by Stars: 2.0 on Link
I left this dental practice long ago when I went in with a non-sensitive, cracked tooth and Dr. Olsen kept having me bite down on ice sticks and wood depressors trying to break the tooth further. Still having no sensitivity after being subjected to his antics. He sent me to his daughter (who had just joined the practice) and told her to do a root canal on me. I begged her not to and she agreed saying that she felt I didn't need one anyway. She filled the tooth and I permanently left the practice after that, as I knew then that it was all about the $$$. It had a profound effect on me with trusting dentists. My mother continued with him and always leaves feeling berated and terrible about herself. I told her to see a dentist in Concord, Dr. R., who is so kind and gentle. She is finally going to do it! No one should have to be made to feel horrible about themselves. In his practice, you pay huge money and walk out feeling just like that.
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Review 2 by Stars: 2.5 on Link
I have been going to Dr Olsen for the last 5 years and there was always something about him I did not like but couldnt grasp it. I had my last appointment there the other day and I will never go back. He told me they needed to take xrays even though I got xrays done a year ago. I asked if we could do them at my next 6 month check up because I dont currantly have dental insurance, he looked at me and became very angry. He told me if I came back in 6 months I would "give him the same excuse" his tone of voice became very intimidating. I then told him my father suggested me not having the xrays that day due to cost and he swore at me and went on about how if my father had a problem with him then have my father call him. Bottom line is I declined the xrays 3 times and he still did them. I picked up my records the very next day.

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Review 3 by Stars: 3.0 on Link
As others have said, Dr. Olsen is very expensive - I agree with the other reviews. In addition, Dr. Daniel Olsen has a poor manner with patients. He is gruff and judgmental. While you are in the chair he chats with his assistant about other patients and how silly/stupid they are. HOWEVER, his daughter, who shares the practice with him, is delightful, intelligent, and skilled. I highly recommend HER but avoid her father.

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Review 4 by Stars: 2.5 on Link
I had some very mixed experiences with Dr. Olsen. First of all, like someone else here said, he is VERY expensive. I paid him Thousands of $$ over the years, & was not always treated that nicely. The last time I had a crown installed, it wasn't fitting quite properly, & when I went back, I could hear him blaming ME to the assistant, saying I hadn't "bitten down enough" at some point. He seemed visibly ticked off & was very unpleasant. I had paid for almost all of that crown, but still owed $300 or so, & around the Holidays, I was a month late with the last payment, so I got a bill with all kinds of interest & late fees added. I went into the office to pay it, & thinking because I had been such a "good customer" over the years, & paid them so much, they would give me a break on the late fees. One of the office assistants, whom I thought I knew a bit & was on good terms with, gave me this very cold lecture about how "they are not a Bank", etc. etc. etc. She finally relented, but made me feel like a Deadbeat for making one late payment over a period of many many years. Then there were some shoddy cleanings, & altho some were excellent, you just never knew what to expect.
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Review 5 by Stars: 4.5 on Link
Excellent attention to detail, pleasant manner and efficient office.
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Review 6 by Stars: 2.5 on Link
Dr. Olsen is expensive. Unless you really press him for answers, his tendency is to communicate as little as possible about his treatment plan or the associated costs. If you express concern about the invasiveness of his proposed approach, he answers that his office uses only first-class procedures. I stayed with him for many years because he is cheerful and pleasant. He has prospered because he is confident, and he is obviously skillful and has good manual dexterity. He has clean facilities and a busy office with friendly staff. In spite of this, my treatment success was less than desirable.
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