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Disclaimer: I didn’t finish treatment w/ this Orthodontist because I moved out of state 1/2 way through treatment. Long story short: I followed up w/ a Harvard trained Orthodontist 3 weeks after my move, only to find out that that Dr. Williams has some orthodontic practices not followed by most orthodontists. For example, I learned that Herbst appliances on adults do not work in the long run. It leaves your teeth unstable and likely to fall out. I am an adult victim of his version/patent of a Herbst appliance. After the first 3 months of treatment, I wanted to stop everything and get a refund. He refused a refund. After two years of Dr. Williams's work, my gums have thinned out to “wet Kleenex on bone,” my bottom four teeth are proclined so much that the roots are hardly in any bone and I need teeth extraction and jaw surgery to save my teeth and fix what he has done. My jaw surgery will be about $30K+ and I used to have healthy gums before they met Dr. Williams. I paid him $6200 in full before treatment started to get a discount. After 2 yrs of treatment, with about 2 more to go (he anticipated,) my refund was $1100. I am a physician. I am appalled at his unprofessionalism. I don't recommend him.

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