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Do not go to this office…..I would not recommend this doctor or office to anyone needing to have oral surgery. First, the office is unprofessional and inconsiderate, they are not at all friendly and extremely unprofessional. They expect to be paid up front without pre authorizing insurance (insurance normally cover oral surgery at 100%). They are not flexible in schedule or considerate to individuals that go to work or school. They also do not allow patient to get generic prescriptions only brand name (not normal covered by insurance) I owed $250 is antibiotic before the surgery. Second, Dr. Magid is unprofessional and rough, he did a five minute consult without explaining any of the concerns or types or anesthesia available. Not that he really needs to since he allows his patient to wake up in the middle of surgery. That right, I woke up in the middle of him extracting one of my upper wisdom teeth. I remained semi conscious for the remainder of the surgery in incredible pain. After surgery he prescribed three days worth of pain med, if anyone has had their wisdom teeth removed they understand how painful this can be. Three days is not enough. I called the office and I was told to use Advil and a heating pack.

About Hygienist: There was younger nurse that was the only friendly face. She deserves a raise! sorry I didn't catch her name

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