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I. Have sever dental phobia. Not Anxiety. Dr. Moody did all my work in one visit. I took a Valium before getting there and then a Rohipnol that caused me to not remember any of the procedure except that he had a Hawaiian shirt on. He did good work and in a way I needed it done. I highly recommend him for patients like me with more severe forms of dental phobia. I can't even watch dental adverts on the TV. It was caused by having to take my poor Mom to the dentist after a car accident in which she lost the lower jaw, bone, gums and teeth. If took many years of reconstruction surgery to make her appear less of a monster. I never reacted at the time but at a visit many years later . Dr. Moody was the only Dr. who believed me and took the right steps towards having a real smile! Thank you so much.

About Front Desk: Very nice and accommodating .

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About Hygienist: Sorry, I don't remember her

My Experience: Bridge

Duration: About 4 hours

I know this doctor: 15

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