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Smiling Patient likes Dr. Lisa Schulman on Dec. 8, 2016, 1:39 p.m.
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It may be called, "Dream Dentistry", but for me it was an ongoing nightmare. The staff is very affable and constantly praise Doctor Schulman's' work. The truth of the matter is the knowledge and proficiency that Doctor Schulman has related to complex dental restoration is dubious at best. My original dental work was done by Harvard dental staff and was functional for ten years. The work done by Doctor Schulman caused problem after problem and short lived. Issues I had to endure were; bad fitting, cement not holding, teeth breaking, misalignment of teeth and problem chewing ect.. For a year she haphazardly tried to correct her mistakes with excuse after excuse. I had to have the work done correctly elsewhere within four years. Do not make the mistake I did with “ Dream Dentistry” it could turn out to be a very long and wasteful experience.

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