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Smiling Patient likes Dr. J Moodt on Oct. 10, 2022, 1:15 p.m.
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Review 1 by Stars: 4.5 on Link
Very knowledgeable and friendly. Took the time to make sure I understood the treatment and next steps.

My Experience: Bite / TMJ

I know this doctor: 2 Months

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Smiling Patient dislikes Dr. J Moodt
Terrible on Aug. 8, 2016, 6:24 a.m. Link
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Review 2 by Stars: 2.5 on Link
He treated me incorrectly. I went to him for TMJ/neck & facial spasms. He made me an appliance that was like invisalign with a thick anterior front on the top piece. So at night I would clench my front teeth instead of my back teeth which resulted in severe jaw pain and a spasm in the front of my neck. He did nothing to correct my bite or to relax my TMJ joint. He took my money though and then argued with me.

My Experience: Bite / TMJ

I know this doctor: 4 months

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Smiling Patient dislikes Dr. J Moodt on July 23, 2016, 7:22 a.m.
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Review 3 by Stars: 2.0 on Link
I do not like this dentist. Rude person. Was not friendly and is arrogant.

My Experience: Exam & Consultation, X-Rays

Duration: 1 hr

I know this doctor: 6 months

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Review 4 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I first met Dr. Moodt when I was 17, I'm almost 30 now, and he has helped me a great deal. When I first became his patient I couldn't even open my mouth and could barely eat. I was in a lot of pain. He explained how TMJ was affecting my joints and muscles and why I was experiencing these symptoms. He made me a dental device that I wore day and night at first, which over time allowed me to regain most of my range of motion, and I now can eat anything I want to eat without any pain. After the first year of treatment I was able to wear my dental device only at night without my symptoms returning. I see him once a year to repair the wear and tear on my dental device so that I am able to keep my symptoms from returning. He's a great doctor and teacher. I highly recommend him for anyone with TMJ problems. He will find what will work for you to live pain free.

About Hygienist: All the hygienists I have had are all very nice and professional.

I know this doctor: 12 years

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Review 5 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I was referred to Dr. Moodt 6 months ago for constant dull, facial pain which ended up being TMJ. 6 Months later, I am pain free. I was fitted with a bite splint to keep from grinding and clenching my teeth. The bite splint is very lightweight and I was able to talk normally with it after wearing it for only a few days. I wore it day and night for a few months, and now I'm able to only wear it at night. I lost my bite splint while traveling and they were able to replace it for me within a week. I'm pain-free and couldn't be happier with the care I've received. I'd recommend Dr. Moodt to anyone who is experiencing reoccurring jaw pain.

I know this doctor: 6 Months

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Review 6 by Stars: 4.5 on Link
Dr. Moodt did an excellent job correcting my TMJ disorder! He is highly recommended and worth the money to get the problem taken care of!

I know this doctor: 6 months

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Review 7 by Stars: 1.0 on Link
For about $1300 was given a TMJ splint that does not fit. In fact, it makes my neck spasms worse instead of better. Dr Moodt became angry when I told him it did not fit. After the up front costs, he charged about $100 for each followup splint adjustment in which he still refused to to listen to me and fit it per my request. I gave up coming to save further time and money. The splint is still unwearable and I have had to go to other TMJ dentists for the same work.
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